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Mediterranean Salad

When I was growing up, we used to always go to a local Italian restaurant called Provino’s. They’re still open today in a couple locations around Atlanta and they serve some of the best salad and garlic rolls before your dinner. They’re so good that it can be hard to save room for dinner! This salad is less like a traditional Italian salad and has more of a Greek or Mediterranean feel. This is my homemade rendition of their salad.

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Finished Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies

I love hush puppies! When I was a kid my parents had a lake house where we would spend a lot of our free time. Weekends at the lake were the best with boating, swimming, and fishing. After a long day on the lake we would often go to a local seafood restaurant called Henderson’s that had the best hush puppies.

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Finished Pico

Pico de Gallo

PICO!! I love pico! I use to hate it mainly because of all the diced up raw tomatoes but over time it has grown on me significantly. It’s made up of all fresh and natural ingredients so it really comes together as a nice unadulterated snack when compared to half the processed foods you could be eating these days. I also really enjoy making pico because pretty much all your time is spent prepping the ingredients. I know some people hate it but I love doing prep work on fruits and vegetables. It can be time consuming and tedious but I find something about it oddly fulfilling.

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