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These are recipes that I’ve created or modified from other sources.

Finished Pico

Pico de Gallo

PICO!! I love pico! I use to hate it mainly because of all the diced up raw tomatoes but over time it has grown on me significantly. It’s made up of all fresh and natural ingredients so it really comes together as a nice unadulterated snack when compared to half the processed foods you could be eating these days. I also really enjoy making pico because pretty much all your time is spent prepping the ingredients. I know some people hate it but I love doing prep work on fruits and vegetables. It can be time consuming and tedious but I find something about it oddly fulfilling.

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Finished Stir Fry Dish

Steak and Bell Pepper Stir Fry

I love making stir fry dishes and I love eating them too! There’s so many good stir fry recipes out there. You can go spicy, sweet, or find a sauce somewhere in between.  Also you can tweak the ingredients to your tastes whether you want chicken or steak or just vegetarian. If you don’t like a particular vegetable in a stir fry, you can easily swap another one into the recipe.

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Serving of the casserole

Basic Hash Brown Casserole

I love potatoes and I can eat them just about anyway they are cooked. However, I was never a really big fan of hash browns. I think it had something to do with the grated hash browns you get often in restaurants. Whenever I tried them they were either soaked in grease or they were overly moist because they weren’t cooked long enough after being frozen. At some point, I was introduced to the hash browns where you use nice diced chunks of potatoes and I instantly like this rendition, probably because they taste a lot like diced up French fries.

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Finished Sandwich Bread

Simple Sandwich Bread

When I got more into cooking, one of the things that fascinated me a lot was bread. So few ingredients come together to make something so delicious. You would think more people would make it at home but that’s not the case. Most people are either afraid of using yeast or have had a bad experience working with dough. I’ve had my share of bread debacles but each time I’ve made a recipe that called for some type of dough, yeast or not, I’ve learned more about how to work with dough and make the end result successful. I’ve definitely had some failures along the way; all have been edible so far even though they didn’t come out just right. 🙂

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Green Omelette

The Green Omelette

I love making omelettes and they can be great for other meals besides breakfast. It is an extremely versatile food and it can be easily catered towards your preferences supposing you actually like omelettes in the first place. When I first started making them, I thought a proper omelette needed to have meat in them like bacon, sausage, steak, or lobster (I love meat by the way and I’ve cooked all of these omelette varieties before) but they don’t have to have meat in them. Really I’m the type of person that usually needs to have some meat in each meal to make it feel right but I’ve slowly opened up to eating meals without meat.

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Finished Pickles

First Time Pickling – Spicy Dill Pickles

I’ve always loved pickles since I was a kid and thought it was fascinating when I learned (at a young age) they actually came from cucumbers.  At the time, I didn’t like cucumbers at all but I loved pickles, and I thought it was curious something I like could be made from something I didn’t like so much. Well nowadays, I like both cucumbers and pickles but I would probably lean slightly towards pickles if I had to choose.  I love to try new things in the kitchen and I’ve wanted to make homemade pickles for about two years.  In theory, they aren’t terribly hard to make if you follow the instructions and you aren’t doing old school fermented pickles.

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